Haul Out Offers

Storage offer (from one week)

This week (or two week) offer is ideal for someone who stays in the water all year round, but needs somewhere to come out at least once a year for maintenance and repairs eg. for antifouling. This offer includes includes a haul out, pressure wash, propping the boat up, storage ashore and a launch.



1 week: £11 per foot


8 - 14 days: £14.50 per foot

Up to four weeks: £20 per foot

1 hour 'racing scrub'

This one hour racing scrub includes a haul out, pressure wash, keeping it on the transporter for an hour and a launch. This is ideal for a mid season scrub without wasting any time onshore. It can also be used for inspections.

Price - £7.50 per foot

*Subject to tides*