Our transporter is capable of hauling boats out up to 15 tonnes, we then have a great team that can carry out various works including antifouling, gel coat repairs, grp work, paint and varnish work and so on! See Boatyard offers for special haul out prices.


Haul Out and Launch (Each way)

Pressure Wash - below the waterline

Topsides - clean off waterline, wash'n'wax topsides

Decksides and cockpit - pressure wash

Anti-fouling (two coats, excluding material

Boot-Top (two coats, excluding materials)

Craning (one lift) - per hour or part thereof

Mast step or lower by crane

Mast storage - per week/month


Other Yard Services are charged out at £34 an hour + VAT
Shipwright or other GRP work is charged out at £38 an hour + VAT

Per foot








£5.00 + crane


Yard Services